Prolog Assignment

I have tried my level best to explain you the entire procedure and things related to the Prolog, I have given a brief introduction to everything in here.

I assure you this article would be very helpful to understand it.

People learning it and understanding it gets the high salary package from the industries.

Prolog Assignment-11Prolog Assignment-86

This shows that tuffy is a Dog, which means this condition is true that is: Dog(tuffy) :- true . These Rules and Facts are the basic building blocks of the Prolog.

Prolog is something where we only need to describe the situation as we have described in the above examples and rest of the things related to logic development and implementations are done by the compiler itself and this is the easiest way to understand what Prolog is and why do we use it so frequently even today and why do it is still required by big companies for development and other related things in the field of development.

Prolog is taught in Universities for higher level degrees like,, P.

Prolog stands for the program in logic, which supports NLP (Natural Language Processing). Artificial intelligence is the intelligence of software and machines, which uses the basics of Meta knowledge.

Meta Knowledge is the knowledge of knowledge, which means that a machine tries and learn concepts and logics according to the older mistakes it has already done or the older knowledge it has acquired.

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