Proposed Architecture Thesis

At least, for those soldiers who have no family and no ability to go back to their respective works because of the injuries they get from wars they have home to considered...

The problem is how can i make it more broad to make it a good thesis proposals...

you are totally missing the point of thesis and what your professor is trying to tell you.

I think what he is getting at is that your project right now is not a thesis, it's just a project.

Here’s how to order. i think it has new insights...a floating house i am talking about is not just you build it that was already floating but a house that are flow to the rise of the water level..there is no flood or water then the house was stick to ground like a normal will only float once the water level was rise..tell you honestly i think this is a big question that should have an answer ASAP.

think of this..every time there was a suffering from the harsh change of the first thing that is always been wipe out every time there was a flood.HOUSE or the home of the people who are no choice but to live in the lowland areas or near the sea.. No I think the same with the GK and the other project who are focused in a social housing it is a big help if we can have an answer with this kind of problem..can't guarantee that we always have a good place for peoples dwelling to put up.. now we are in the middle of the crisis of having a big population that even the others has no place to live or to put their house that they can called their home...

hey please help me out here...hehehehe...sorry for being a piss in the ass..badly needed all of your HELP!!!You didn't even offer a potential topic you were thinking about, or research or anything. I'm actually amazed you've made it this far in school if this thread demonstrates the level of thought and consideration you've put into your projects thus far.Seriously dude, if you can't even think of a thesis TOPIC how do you plan on doing the project? Now, to balance out the previous necessary but none-the-less asshole comments, a good starting point is to look objectively at your previous work and identify the 2-3 big ideas or elements. i'm a senior student of architecture..i badly need any of your help in making or thinking of a good thesis proposals..i want it to be unique but badly need of one community..should not be totally extra ordinary but possible to make.should be in populations majority needs now adays...please help me out...For best thesis preperation if you forward me an advanced payment through my cousin in nigeria, he owns firm of architecture of design.Make a list and see what similar issues appear in your work.Is there anything you seem to be constantly trying to work towards, or an issue that seems to underscore the work you have been doing? This will usually help you to start to frame ideas for a thesis."A floating house for a flood community" is not only obvious it doesn't offer any new insight into architecture. It was a hit with all the critics, and it even won a little best thesis award.If you presented this to a jury they would say "yeah, and? You get the concept, research, drawings, diagrams, and rendering.How does your house inform the body of architectural critique?What are larger ideas that can be inspired by your house?

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