Psychopathy Essay

A twenty percent reduction in recidivism means that, approximately 580 000 victims of these violent crimes are saved allowing the authorities to save 58 billion dollars are saved annually.

With this in mind, in accordance to the goal of the correctional system, in Canada, and the evidence that treatment can be effective; then, psychopathic and antisocial offenders deserve the chance at treatment and rehabilitation facilities considering that the process is now effective (Walters, 2012).

Apart from that, Psychotherapists have testified that the level of aggression and violence have reduced in many regions because of effective treatment of psychopaths.

Moreover, there has been some criticism regarding this initiative, stating that in the long run, the psychopathic offenders usually return to the behavioral psychopathic states.

Experts have conducted studies and written scholarly works on the effectiveness of treating psychopaths.

Although the condition affects one’s personality, experts have stated that it has not been coded using the taxonomic system DSM-IV-TR.

Furthermore, they have considered that psychopaths are influenced by biological, environmental, psychological and social factors.

These factors influence social forces and biological predispositions, which in turn affects one’s personality (Ogloff, 2006).

Psychopathologist believes that this mental disorder contributes immensely on the increased rates of crimes and as such, various ways have been introduced to cure psychopaths.

A culture of victimizing psychopathic patients and thereby alleging that he/she is resistant to treatment, emanate from the label people use to define those they do not like.

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