Public Transport Business Plan Essay About Squealer

In Start Your Own Transportation Service, the Staff of Entrepreneur Media explains how you can launch a profitable transportation service, whether you want to start a long-haul operation or an in-town service.

In this edited excerpt, the authors briefly discuss 12 ways you can get started in the transportation industry.

You can operate the limo yourself, and your fleet of one limousine will be relatively easy to maintain.

You can provide all the service yourself, from scheduling to driving.

Insurance is a huge cost factor in the transportation business, so clearly this is a savings.

However, you’ll also be paying them a higher fee than if you were paying your own drivers, which cuts into profits.

It all depends on what your personal interest is and what skills you want to employ in your business.Your ace card will be that you’ll set up and conduct your business professionally, perhaps offering add-on services such as space for temporary, in-between moves storage.Startup costs include purchasing one or more trucks in a range of sizes that will accommodate the type of moving you plan to do. You’ll need at least one employee -- you can’t lift that sofa alone!Perhaps your town is ready for a mini version of this business.You could provide limo service to celebrities or to regular people.You’ll spend your time on two key coordination pieces -- getting the contracts and accounts with the manufacturers who need goods transported and then finding drivers who can fulfill those contracts on schedule.The advantage is lower costs -- independent contractors not only usually have their own vehicles that they maintain themselves but they insure them and themselves as well.We’ll focus here on the “regular people” limo service.Whenever anyone is entrusting you to drive them, a clean reputation is important.While your drivers will be at your service for the accounts and contracts you retain, the pressure is on to have no down time because you’re paying for those drivers and those vehicles whether you’re using them or not.If coordinating and scheduling is more of your strong suit, you may find that setting up your business using contracted drivers is the best way to go.

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