Publishing Doctoral Dissertation

Checking of the information includes: – spelling – that the abstract does not contain more than 460 words – correctness of information from point 1 3.

Library personnel submits the information (from point 1 and point 2) to the printing office (a copy of the e-mail is sent to the Ph D student). When the printing office has received the information they prepare: – a PDF version of the cover The printing office sends these documents to the Ph D student (and a copy of the e-mail to the library personnel) for approval. The Ph D student sends an OK mail to the printers when the cover and fly leaves are approved. The Ph D student formats the Word file according to the measurements of the thesis (B5-Kuvert, 176×250 mm). The Ph D student then sends the approved and proof-read content of the thesis in PDF format to the printers in good time prior to the delivery of the printed copies.

For full article/chapter content, please contact publisher directly to obtain approval.

If your license is for use in a thesis or dissertation, your thesis may be submitted to your institution in either print or electronic format.

the first two leaves), and should be provided to the library at least 4 weeks prior to the final delivery of the printed copies of the dissertation: Cost centres (login to Inside) 2.

But the variations among policies are wide and it is not easy to understand what applies to printed versions contra digital versions of the theses. No matter if you have been able to get a permission to publish or not, you need to enter bibliographic records of each of the articles into the BTH Di VA portal and then link these to the thesis.Read this before creating a Di VA thesis record: Skip fields you cannot yet fill in, they can be completed later. If not, create a new entry for each missing paper that is part of your thesis. At least three weeks before the public defence a printed and digital version of the dissertation must be published. First check if any papers already exists as records in Di VA.If your thesis, or dissertation, is to be published commercially, then you must reapply for permission.If you are an author of the article/chapter wishing to reuse the content in full, please refer to your Author Licensing Agreement for an explanation of your retained author rights.If copyright makes it impossible to use the publisher´s version of the article, pre-printed versions of the item (s) concerned should be used in both the printed and the digital version of the dissertation.If the pre-print version can´t be used, the author must offer to provide these articles, in the Di VA record of the dissertation, via email request.Both versions should be identical as far as possible.If there is a wish to use the publisher version of an article in the dissertation, the publishers copyright policy must be applied.In placing the thesis on the author’s university website, please display the following message in a prominent place on the website: In reference to IEEE copyrighted material which is used with permission in this thesis, the IEEE does not endorse any of [university/educational entity’s name goes here]’s products or services.Internal or personal use of this material is permitted.

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