Qualitative Research Practice Concise Paperback Edition

I get students from several other disciplines including social work, public health, nursing, … The tools, examples, matrices, diagrams, and glossary add a valuable dimension to teaching qualitative research.” — Anita Wadhwa, Harvard Graduate School of Education “[Becoming Qualitative Researchers] expertly conveys the complex nature of doing qualitative research, complete with the joys and challenges, without driving students away. They leave intrigued and encouraged, despite understanding how complex and time consuming it is….

Qualitative Research Practice Concise Paperback Edition-58Qualitative Research Practice Concise Paperback Edition-3

Appropriate for individual and classroom use, this expanded edition includes: a revised assessment of the utility of Computer-Assisted Qualitative Data Analysis systems; contributions by Julie Simpson, the Director of Research Integrity Services at the University of New Hampshire, about preparing research for local Institutional Review Boards; and guidance for obtaining informed consent when using technology to interview, when interviewing abroad, and when hoping to include children as participants.

Written by authors with clinical and research experience, this book is intended for midwives and student midwives participating in Diploma, Advanced Diploma and first level degree programmes.

It aims to increase research awareness and develop the skills of critical appraisal of research evidence that are essential to evidence based practice.

This book is a clear and concise introduction to all aspects of research viewed from a midwifery perspective.

It gives equal weight to quantitative and qualitative approaches, describes principles underlying the previous approaches used in midwifery research, and offers midwifery and neonatal examples throughout.

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