Queer Foundation Essay

Discuss the relationship between Feminist and Queer Theory.

There is no doubt that there are many parallels between Queer and Feminist theory.

The drag queen is one of the many LGBTQ subjects who populate Ka-Man Tse’s photography in her portfolio-prize winning exhibition at Aperture Foundation celebrating the artist’s first monograph, (2018).

Focusing on the intersections of Asian, Pacific Island, and queer communities, Tse explores contested and contingent notions of home.

Moments of queer intimacy are often set against Hong Kong’s intimidating urban skyline, which looms in the backdrop of Tse’s photos like a malevolent voyeur. Although homosexuality is legal in some East Asian countries, social norms prevent many people from publicly embracing their LGBTQ identities.

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Lingering in my mind is an image that portrays a man buttoning his blouse in a tiled stairwell.

Wearing a ruffled, brown skirt, he looks up at the camera with a slightly askew glance as light shines across his body, highlighting the bulging blue veins of his hands.

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