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Clearly, Ballenger is not opposed to the note cards for their waste of energy as much as he is opposed to the way they allow the sources to dominate the conversation.

This is certainly a weakness of my students’ work, and with that declaration he attracts my attention.

I experimented with note programs, Google Notes, text boxes in Word, and online bookmarks, but was not happy with any of them until I stumbled upon Zotero.

I have praised Zotero before, but the heart of my praise is that the program mimics the note card method.

I would have had to teach the students the software, and the learning curve’s steepness and the difficulties with shared computers were substantial enough that it could never be justified.

Thus I have settled into a basic default with note cards.

I jumped to their defense, citing the things I noted above.

I liked the way note cards could be shuffled and mixed; how once mixed, the original source became less important than the information on the card; and how, no matter how big your paper got, the method’s process held true.

Acutely aware of this, I searched the web during graduate school for a program that would allow me to skip the pen work. After all, how can you give something to someone that is not yours to give?I think of this today because my sophomores are in the midst of their research papers.I champion this process—in particular the use of note cards—because I see it as a scalable method of note taking that allows students to manipulate information from sources in ways outside the organization of the original articles.A few years ago I heard a colleague question the use of note cards, wondering whether it was just a time-honored thing that we do simply because it was done to us.We have just finished note cards—well, some of us have just finished our note cards—and we are constructing the outline before writing the first draft.It’s a familiar process and I have been a champion of it for many years.I no longer believe that 3” x 4” or 4” x 6” cards are large enough to accommodate the frequently messy and occasionally extended writing that often characterizes genuinely useful notes.Little cards get in the way of having a good conversation with your sources.These things, I argued, were things to which students needed to be introduced.Once introduced to the traditional method, they had earned the right to manipulate it to their own whims.

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