Quote Cards For Research Paper

Try to limit your note to a specific idea or quotation.

Concise notes make it easier to rely on the note cards to create outlines and organize your writing.

The short notes make it easier to organize thoughts and outline writing.

So how do you turn an index card into a research note card?

According to the seventh edition of "MLA Handbook for Writers of Research Papers," personal notes recorded in any form, whether on note cards or not, are cited in a specific way.

As you examine your research materials, paraphrase important points on the card.

Ilaro goes a step further by letting you see which specific authors and sources are related to each subject.

Future Ilaro development will enhance research workflows by adding key features for organizing note cards and moving your research to the writing process.

These are small cards which include all of the necessary information about your sources (book, journal, website or otherwise) in a handy, easy-to-read format.

One piece of information you need to include with a journal article that you don't need with a book is the volume and issue numbers.

The note card system organizes research notes on 3×5 inch or 5×7 inch index cards.

Making source cards helps you to organize your information and will save you significant time when it comes to writing your paper.

Find the volume and issue number of the journal you're referencing.

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