Rackham Thesis Style

a little background on the pieces – this is all in my introductory paragraph, but i’ll summarize it for you here.

basically, debussy had a daughter (chou-chou) who was fascinated with fairytales like any little girl is, and she had an illustration of a dancing fairy in her room[1].

debussy was captivated by the amount of detail in the art and composed some pieces inspired by the artist’s (named arthur rackham) work.

and now, my thesis: In this paper, I will discuss how Debussy used musical imagery devices, such as recurring motifs, dotted rhythms, and circular melodic figures, to evoke the stories of fairies and a water nymph in “La Danse de Puck”, “Les fées sont d’exquises danseuses”, and “Ondine”, contributing to the characteristics of Impressionist music and to Debussy’s personal compositional style. TL; DR: Debussy’s ingenuity in evoking Rackham’s illustrations and their respective stories through music is exemplified in his piano preludes “La Danse de Puck”, “Les fées sont d’exquises danseuses”, and “Ondine”.

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To make good decisions about the appearance of your thesis, read the rules of your course, review your examination criteria, look at similar theses in the UWA Research Repository, and discuss your thesis format with your supervisors.

Also aim for a thesis that is logical and easy to read.

Your choice of fonts, font sizes, margins, heading styles, the amount of white space used, and the number and titles of chapters should be informed by the needs of your reader.

The word limit counts footnotes but excludes words in endnotes, tables, bibliographies, reference lists, appendices and figures (or other illustrative matter such as maps).

If it is normal in your discipline to include references or bibliographic details in footnotes (such as the requirements of the Australian Guide for Legal Citation) then it is not necessary to include the footnote references in the word count.

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