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RAMANtouch has multi-channel spectrocopy techonoly that measures multi spectra at the same time.Typically 400 spectra are measured simultaneously while other method is spectral measurement one by one.The phenomenon that the light is scattered with frequency change is called Raman scattering.Because this frequency modulation is specific to molecular vibration and phonon in crystal, it is possible to analyze composition of material or crystal lattice information by anayzing spectrum of Raman scattered light. Furthermore to analyze in microsocpic area with Raman spectroscopy, Raman spectroscopy is combined with Microcope as Micro Raman Spectroscopy.Renishaw's Raman instruments enable you to study these modes and explore a wide range of materials and crystals, and distinguish between different crystalline forms (polymorphs).A Raman spectrum therefore consists of a range of features, each associated with a vibrational mode.The strength of bonds also affects their vibration rates.

For further information, including about cookie settings, please read our Cookie Policy .Raman scattered light contains various information on molecules in a substance.If you separate the scattered light by wavelength in order to interpret them, you can see that Rayleigh scattered light equal to the wavelength of the incident light is strongly detected and Raman scattered light is detected on both sides as shown in the above figure.Recently it is becoming very popular that Raman spectrum are measured at every point in area and microscope image at certain spectrum band is reconstructed to see distribution of spectral information.Raman instrument that has an ablitiy to show Raman spectral image is called Raman microscope.The frequencies of vibration depend on the masses of the atoms involved and the strength of the bonds between them. Light atoms and strong bonds have high Raman shifts.We see the high frequency carbon-hydrogen (C-H) vibrations in the polystyrene spectrum at about 3000 cm.The Raman spectrum of polystyrene, however, is much more complex because the molecule is less symmetric and has hydrogen atoms in addition to carbon atoms.There are also different bond types connecting the atoms.The carbons in the former are part of carbon chains ('aliphatic'), whereas the carbons in the latter form part of carbon rings ('aromatic').You can view the vibrations of a complex molecule as partly consisting of many simple diatomic vibrations.

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