Ray Scott Crawford Dissertation

Cooper PDF Impacts of blood flow occlusion on the human neuromuscular system, David B.

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Brewer PDF Protecting the Individual: The Origins and Development of Saskatchewan Conservatism, 1905-1944, Nolan Brown PDF Tetranychus urticae adaptation to tomato, Kristie A.Colclough PDF Implementation of User-Independent Hand Gesture Recognition Classification Models Using IMU and EMG-based Sensor Fusion Techniques, José Guillermo Collí Alfaro PDF Differential Vulnerability to Window Collision Mortality Among Migratory Songbird Species, Olivia M.Colling PDF Improving Stimulus Realism: The effect of visual dimension on affective responding, Shannon Compton PDF Constructing Opportunities: A Multiple Case Study of the Semiotic Demands and Supports in Elementary Classroom Curricula, Emma Cooper PDF Identification of Human Postnatal Progenitor Cells with Multifaceted Regenerative Functions, Tyler T.Gibson PDF Maternal nicotine exposure induces congenital heart defects in the offspring of mice, Elizabeth Greco PDF On Separating the Wheat from the Chaff: Surplus Structure and Artifacts in Scientific Theories, Marie Gueguen PDF Effect of ATRX Inactivation on Hippocampal Synaptic Plasticity in Mice, Radu Gugustea PDF Development and evaluation of an online university readiness course furthered by capturing the lived experience of students during this transition: A multi-perspective understanding of the transition to university, Cortney Hanna-Benson PDF Prevalence of moral injury in Canadian Forces members deployed to Afghanistan, Kevin T.Hansen PDF Hallucinating the Ukrainian Cityscape: A Reevaluation of Walter Benjamin’s Urban Experience for a Postsocialist Context, Alexander M.Esipu PDF The Group A Streptococci Bacteriocins Facilitate a Competitive Advantage During Nasopharyngeal Infection, Lana Estafanos PDF The Process of Exercise Participation in the Community for Functional Recovery Post Formal Rehabilitation among Survivors of Stroke: a grounded theory study, Nicole M.Evans PDF How to support caregivers and the bereaved: Psychoeducation and personal coping techniques, Vanessa Eva Marie Eyre PDF An Experimental Evaluation of Stop-Plosive and Fricative Consonant Intelligibility by Tracheoesophageal Speakers in Quiet and Noise, Sebastiano Failla PDF There is a Secret Heart, Dru Farro PDF New Graduate Nurses: Relationships among Sex, Empowerment, Workplace Bullying, and Job Turnover Intention, Aaron L.ETDs are available through [email protected], Western's digital library repository, and also released to the world-wide web with priority in many search engines, enabling scholars worldwide to locate, search, and download the University of Western Ontario's ETDs.The most significant benefit is the dramatic increase (50-250%) in citation impact that results from electronic publishing.Binns PDF Examining the Relationship between Urinary Pathogens, Antibiotic Exposure and Urolithiasis, Jennifer Bjazevic PDF Exploring Young Children's Encounters with the More-Than-Human: A Multispecies Ethnography, Sarah Kathleen Black PDF Bouncing Dynamics of a Class of MEM/NEM Switching Systems, Mohamed Bognash PDF Le Bagne métropolitain et colonial dans le roman français: Genèse et structure, Mansour Bouaziz PDF Weathering the Storm: Physiological and Behavioural Responses of White-Throated Sparrows to Inclement Weather Cues, Andrea C.Boyer PDF Examining the Neural Correlates of Vocabulary and Grammar Learning Using f NIRS, Leah Brainin PDF The Effects of Feature Verbalizablity and Indirect Feedback on Implicit Category Learning, Bailey N.

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