Reading Books Is Better Than Tv Essay Beowulf Hero Essay

Since authors of books can be more detailed and create a more in-depth background of characters, you end up feeling much more connected.You see parts of yourself in character's traits and might even begin to love or hate certain characters.Thankfully, you will never come across a book that has a commercial.When reading you never have to experience a break in the suspense or action that leaves you annoyed and bored.People who are against tv keep on saying that it causes obesity.I'm not going to go for a run and bring a book to read on the way.I discovered that quite honestly, books are a lot better than tv.Here is why I know this: There is nothing more frustrating that having your show interrupted due to commercials.

Most people will find they cry way more often when reading then when watching television.

People have been squabbling about things since forever, and they’re not going to stop any time soon. What you see on TV is the creative hive mind of a bunch of money-grabbing directors. ” Four years’ worth of dramatic build-up are paying off right at this very moment, Grandma.

We’ve presided over some pretty hefty debates (Mac vs PC, GIF vs JIF, Andrew Garfield as Spider-Man vs Tobey Maguire as Spider-Man), but perhaps the one with the power to destroy us all as a civilized society is the almighty books vs TV. We like our nightly Netflix binges just as much as the next couch potato with oodles of free time and no direction in life. Season finale commercials are the devil’s brainchild. When you’re reading a book, there’s no chance that your hapless parents are going to stroll into the living room just in time witness a crazy HBO sex scene. You have a real, tangible thing you can fling at your friends and family (or unsuspecting strangers on the subway, if you’re feeling whimsical), whereas you can spend four months trying to get someone to watch New Girl and never know for sure that they actually did. Nobody cares if you learn that [character] dies on The Walking Dead while the episode is STILL HAPPENING, but if you had spoiled the end of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows for anyone back in 2007, you would’ve taken a Bludger right to the face. With books, the author handles the initial set-up, but at the end of the day you’re deciding what’s what. In waiting rooms, at airports, in the corner of a family gathering so you don’t actually have to socialize—wherever.

Even worse is when the same commercials are played on repeat.

Not only are you annoyed that commercials are on, you are frustrated that you have to watch the same advertisements again and again.

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