Reflective Classroom Observation Essays

Madison: University of Wisconsin–Madison, Wisconsin Center for Educational Research. Access to society journal content varies across our titles.Where possible, coupling teaching inventories with observation protocols may be desirable. Osthoff, E., Clune, W., Ferrare, J., Kretchmar, K., & White, P. Implementing immersion: Design, professional development, classroom enactment and learning effects of an extended science inquiry unit in an urban district.

Where it's found: Whatever name it goes by, the observation-reflection essay is regularly asigned in introductory classes or at the beginning of a semester.

Some protocols may also pose judgment on instruction, which can be awkward to share with the instructor being assessed.

Teaching inventories, while often quick to complete, involve self-report of teaching practices, and can lack total objectivity. Development and Use of the Approaches to Teaching Inventory.

Teaching inventories are often used in more low-key, self-assessing reflective teaching approaches.

Instructors may keep in mind several benefits and challenges with classroom observation protocols and inventories.

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