Relationship Essay Introduction Writing Quotes In An Essay

I have told people who were my friend’s personal information.Later when the so called “friends” revealed the secret and privileged information it caused a huge mess and lead to trust issues which then lead to the deteriorating of our friendship.Stay away from behavior that could be observed as sexual harassment. “The Power Of The Unpredictable.” Psychology Today 26.1 (1993): 46.

These are all rules that keep a friendship together.No one likes a friend that they cannot count on or trust.Look more: I looked up relationship rules theory in the library database and I came across an article called The Power of the Unpredictable.Just like with Jeff and Sharon, recognizing what the problems were in their relationship and applying these rules, can make all the difference. Human Communication: The Basic Course, Twelfth Edition. A famous philosopher Euripides once said, “Friends show their love in times of trouble, not in happiness”.Jeff and Sharon were a couple talked about in the article.Jeff constantly tried to give Sharon advice after they had their first born child.Although they may seem to be common sense it is important to know the rules. Knowing the rules can help detect a problem in the relationship and having knowledge on the subject can lead to the repair within a certain relationship. Understanding the rules and how they relate to my own relationships can help me have a better understanding of how relationships work or why they may not work.In our communications book I read about the rules that govern friendship.

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