Religion Research Paper Introduction

The latter are studies by scholars, etc., who analyze, evaluate and interpret the primary sources in order to reach historical or other conclusions.

(Thus, your own essay will be considered a secondary source).

Aside from providing access to library catalogues, the Internet is usually not a reliable source for scholarly material, especially in Religious Studies.

You could also begin with a good bibliography on your topic if such a bibliography is available, followed by a search on the U of C library's on-line catalogue site to see if the library has the documents you want.

The first stage of your research is to choose a topic, compose a short abstract in which you describe what you intend to do, and compile a basic bibliography of books and article to be consulted.

You should not feel that you are confined to the topic areas on the list.

The fact that a book or article makes a claim does not make that a fact.

The author must justify the case in light of the evidence, the historical background and methodological principles.

Simply put, you are coming to realize that the topic is much more complex than it appeared "from a distance." In general, you should prefer a detailed treatment of a narrowly defined question over a shallow survey of a very broad topic.

Your research should begin with a library search on your chosen topic.

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