Research Paper About Stress

This is only the tip of iceberg; there are many cases which remain under the cover.

However, it must be noted that teenagers who suffering from depression are not even mentioned in the statistics [10].

Numerous studies have stated that alarming number of students are not able to cope due to heavy syllabus, parents’ expectation and cut throat competition among students leading them to mental health issues like depression, anxiety and suicide.

These facts require immediate attention; hence, awareness among students, parents and teachers should be created so that preventive measures can be taken to create a friendly and, healthy environment.

Also, it has been found that 6.23% of Indian students are committing suicide every day [7], raising questions concerning to the education system and well-being of young people.

The education structure of India is workbook oriented that majorly focuses on cramming of lessons which requires studying for long hours and regular study every day.

This intricate schedule of studying from morning till evening leaves less or no scope for socialization and recreation [1].

In the national daily Times of India it was reported that remarkable spike in the incidence of suicide among teenagers across the country have given a reason to worry.

It was stated by a Psychiatrist that “Even youngsters are ending their life which states the verity that they are dealing with mental health issues”.

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