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Poisoning of the soil by the emissions of metal/arsenic dust in combination with superphosphate or sulfuric acid affects the root system delaying its growth. The vegetation is completely destroyed under the influence of the smokes and gases of copper smelters in close proximity.Significant damage to the forests is caused by the acid precipitation connected with the spread of sulfur compounds into hundreds and thousands of kilometers.

Up to 25% of the carbon dioxide got into the atmosphere due to the deforestation.There are many processes worsening the ecological situation on the planet.In particular, the world is getting warmer and humanity is largely responsible for this, experts say.The forest degradation is very noticeable with significant air pollution.Fly ash, coal and coke dust clog the pores of leaves, reduce the access of light to plants and weaken the process of assimilation.As a result of an increase in the population, intensive industrialization and urbanization of our planet, economic pressure began to exceed the ability of ecological systems to self-purification and regeneration.A natural cycle of substances in the biosphere was disrupted.If you also got a global warming essay assignment, the facts listed below may be useful for your academic work. Without it, the temperature of the atmospheric surface layers would be on average 30 degrees below the actual one.However, in the last decades, the content of some greenhouse gases in the air has grown very much: carbon dioxide - more than 1/3, methane - in 2.5 times.A consumption of non-renewable raw materials intensifies.More and more arable lands drop out of the economy as cities and factories are built on them.

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