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In this regard, a key question should be considered: What are the influences of advertising context on consumers' responses (e.g., brand recall, attitudes toward the ad or brand, purchase intentions).This question seems very important for an understanding of advertising effectiveness, given the wide variety of advertising context.ABSTRACT - S THE EFFECT OF AFFECTIVE CONTEXT ON THE EFFECTIVENESS OF ADVERTISING Douglas M.Stayman, Cornell University This paper discusses the impact which the affect due to surrounding content can have on the effectiveness of advertising.

This paper provides an overview of various streams of research on affective context (e.g., affect modeled either as a moderator or as a mediator) .

Yi posits that prior exposure to contextual factors can prime certain product attributes and subsequently increase the likelihood that consumers interpret product information in terms of these activated attributes, thereby affecting consumers' evaluations of the advertised brand.

More detailed abstracts of the papers provided by the authors are presented next.

This session attempts to provide theoretical frameworks that can be useful for investigating the processes in which advertising context influences consumer responses to advertisements.

It is proposed that advertising context may have at least two types of influence on the impact of advertisements: affective influence and cognitive influence.

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