Research Paper On Aodv

In MANET, nodes can freely enter or exit their network; therefore, the network topology is constantly changing and it is important to find the right path and select the next node.

The most important issues in MANET are security and routing.

Then, the black hole and wormhole attacks scenarios are investigated under these metrics.

In wormhole, two collusion nodes build a link called wormhole and they tunnel packets through their link.

When it overhears a better backup route, it will replace the responsible entry in table with the backup routes, as far as possible, and improve the correspondence with the changes in network’s topology.

In AODV-BR, when a node detects the failure link, it applies a single data broadcast to its neighbors, which sends the packets to destination via the alternative route and then sends a RERR packet to the source node to recreate a route discovery phase. It tries to repair link failures without informing the source node and disrupting data delivery.

Mobile ad hoc network (MANET) is one of the most widely used networks, which has attracted attentions, having features such as limited energy resources, limited bandwidth, and security weaknesses due to lack of a central infrastructure.

Safe and suitable routing is one of the research aspects of MANET.

In black hole attack the collusion node introduces itself as a legit one to have a path to destination but instead uses that packet and modifies it [3, 4].

The rest of this paper is arranged as follows: related works are discussed in Section 2; in Section 3, the proposed solution is presented; and, in Section 4, simulation results are shown. In this method, creating an alternative route depends on overhearing route reply (RREP) messages.

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