Research Paper On Attrition Rate

more Attrition is a critical issue and pretty high in the industry these days.

Though the term ‘ATTRITION’ is common, many would be at a loss to define what actually Attrition is, “Attrition is said to be the gradual reduction in the number of employees through retirement, resignation or death.

This study is to analyse the various factor influencing the quality of work life such as Adequate and fair compensation, working environment, development of human capacities, flexible work schedule.

In this study to analyse the relationship between Quality of work life and overall satisfaction among male & female employees' in Arumugam spinning mills (p) ltd, Chatrapatti.

This study aims toinvestigate how national cultural context influences perceptions of potential employees about employerattractiveness.The present study covered at addressing socio demographic factors with employee attrition factors for employee.Data has been collected through a well structured questionnaire survey.Attracting talent is not so difficult but retaining it poses a major challenge. Attracting talent is not so difficult but retaining it poses a major challenge. It becomes very important for organisations to look into the reasons which prompt an employee to leave the organisation.This paper seeks to analyse the factors which influence attrition and also suggests certain measures through which attrition maybe controlled.A Descriptive research design was adopted for this study with a variable values covering...more This study evaluates hidden crisis of attrition prevalent amongst students and programs with descriptive interpretation for solving social isolation.Student outcome (persistence or dropout) was the criterion variable.Analysis was not conducted to raise the assumptions of (adequacy of sample size, presence of outliers, factorability, linearity, and multi collinearity) because of the low number sample size (N=45).more In general, Competitive organization will depend on the inimitability of their human resources and the systems for managing human resources effectively to become successful.Managing of human resources of organization is very difficult task, in particularly part of attrition.

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