Research Paper On George Washington Carver

Not satisfied with basic literacy, Carver decided to move west in the late 1870s, joining blacks disillusioned by the failure of Reconstruction in a vast migration to Kansas.

For the next decade or so, Carver shuttled among numerous Midwestern communities, attending school fitfully, trying his luck at homesteading for a time, and surviving by using the domestic skills he had learned from Susan Carver and Mariah Watkins.

Moses Carver, a German by birth and the owner of my mother, my father being the property of Mr.

These writings tell of a poor orphan who sought knowledge and hungered for scientific discovery but who was sickly and weak.

Carver's early years were indeed difficult, but he seems to have exaggerated his frailty.

Sometime in the late 1880s Carver's wanderings brought him to Winterset, Iowa, where he met the Milhollands, a white couple who profoundly influenced his life and who he later credited with encouraging him to pursue higher education.

The Milhollands urged Carver to enroll in nearby Simpson College.

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