Research Paper On Gifted Students

Data sources included Likert survey questions as well as openended questions with current teachers at seven schools within a Southern California school district.

Since completion of the…Based on a single-group one-year long evaluation study with 1,625 gifted children aged from 225 schools in 15 cities, this article examines whether participation in a spiritual education program increases their emotional intelligence.

Unfortunately, most studies present OEs outside of the context of the original theory as if they were standalone traits applicable to gifted…Identity formation is particularly challenging for stigmatized minorities.

The purpose of this dissertation is to inform education policy by providing evidence of the effect that gifted education has on the student achievement of both participants and their typical peers.Variations in creativity have also been studied among different academic disciplines, suggesting that although there may be higher levels of creativity for some, major choice is a complex…This article reports one component of a longitudinal multilayered research project originating from a unique partnership between a university and a selective secondary school in Victoria, Australia.One hundred and twenty-five Year 10 academically able students at the school completed a survey at two different times to investigate a range of…Educational policies and practices are influenced by cultural, political, and economic factors, and this is also true of specialized educational approaches such as gifted education.Murphy, Patrick Ryan, author Sass, Tim R., professor directing dissertation Iatarola, Patrice, outside committee member Schmertmann, Carl, committee member Cheung, Ron, committee member Department of Economics, degree granting department Florida State University, degree granting institution In the years following the No Child Left Behind Act, much of the research on education has justifiably focused on improving achievement of the lowest achieving students.More recently, however, there is growing concern that the most talented students may not be achieving their full potential either.Factors such as a country's cultural tendency toward egalitarianism or meritocracy, whether the political system is centralized or decentralized, and the degree to…In Germany, parents can request counseling and assessment of school-related learning and behavioral issues from either independent counseling centers or school-based ones.Focusing on giftedness consultations at independent counseling centers, the goal of this study is to provide a detailed description of the reasons for and the issues discussed…Using a grounded theory approach to the study of historical texts and an expert interview, this study investigates culturally embedded conceptions of giftedness as evidenced in one of the most important Iranian literary canons, "The Gulistan", to guide the development of education and programming for gifted and talented students in Iran.…In the theory of positive disintegration (TPD), Dabrowski described overexcitabilities (OEs), manifestations of inner energy with a developmental purpose that appear more common in gifted individuals.In the first essay (Chapter 2 of the dissertation) I estimate various achievement models for math and reading using the nationally representative Early Childhood Longitudinal Study, Kindergarten Class (ECLS-K) dataset.An indicator for gifted program participation captures the impact of gifted programs, holding innate ability constant.There is evidence that this applies to the gifted, too.However, their status is ambiguous, given that both negative and positive stereotypes exist.…Quebec students have generally excelled in international mathematics comparisons and 22% performed in the top category, Level 6, on PISA in 2012.

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