Research Paper On Islamic Banking In Pakistan Halloween Creative Writing Prompts

The main objective of the paper is to understand the reasons why Islamic banking failed in Pakistan despite lots of efforts being made to implement in contrast to its success in other parts of the world.

The paper is based on a debatable conceptual approach.

The findings of the paper hold that piecemeal solutions to eliminate interest from the financial sector of Pakistan could never succeed.

This study aims to analyze and compare the financial stability of Pakistani banks covering a timeframe of 5 years from 2012 to 2016.

This study employs the financial soundness indicators of the International Monetary Funds and State Bank of Pakistan and the z-score index.

The present study represents the start of a larger context for examining Islamic banking practices in Pakistan. Download as .

The findings of the study can be used as a reference in future research projects in the areas of perceptions and awareness.

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