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Go back to the “Conditions for effective use of Coaching Leadership Style” chapter and explore with your leader their current…3.

Agree on a baseline – a Certain level of the above starting points must exist for the leader to start practicing coaching conversations with their employees.

In comparison to a coach, the coaching leader should have a vision for the employee and will often have to combine their coaching with consulting or mentoring.

A good coaching leader has his employees perform their work independently but still makes them feel supported and involved in their work.

Madlock (2008) supports those claims by demonstrating the significant and positive relationship between relational leadership style and employee job satisfaction, accounting for 18% of the employee job satisfaction.

So how come those strengths are often not measured or observed when one is promoted to a leadership role?

The following situations are suited best for the coaching leadership style: Leadership coaches who would like to enable their leaders to develop the coaching leadership style can use the following steps to do so:1.

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Hence, coaching our leaders to become coaches themselves will not just enhance their own emotional intelligence, but will also develop the potential of their employees to lead in their own way.

There are six basic leadership styles (Goleman 2000).

Each requires a different emotional intelligence competency and impacts the organization differently.

Many leaders mistakenly assume that they would perform well at their new leadership role with the same skill set they already have.

Furthermore, they believe that their leadership style is a function of their personality and identity rather than a strategic choice, highly influenced by the context and circumstances (Goleman 2000).

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