Research Paper On Obesity In America 2009 May Sat Essay

Since then a new era for weight assessments and search for “healthy” weight started.

In 2010 report, Healthy People 2010 summarized that the age-adjusted proportion of healthy (body mass index (BMI) ) increased from 23% to 34% for the same period of time [3].This underscores the extent of the problem and urgency to seek a solution.Clear understanding of the concept of obesity and its measurements should be the first step for successful research in obesity arena. Even though enormous research has been done to discover the causes of obesity, there is still no clear statement if obesity is exposure or outcome.The background of development reference or “average” tables is outlined in Section 3.1.The process of how tables of “average” weight were transformed into the “ideal” weight standards tables based on the lowest rate of mortality is described in Section 3.2.His idea was to demonstrate that normal Gaussian distribution can be applied to physical attributes of humans, and he was looking for the “norm” [19].In 1831-32, Quetelet conducted what has been considered the first cross-sectional study of newborns and children based on their growth in height and weight [19].Overweight was defined as weight that exceeded the threshold from the reference value, where reference value was derived from the distribution of population.Based on observed association of body weight with mortality, the Metropolitan Life Insurance Company (MLIC) was able to develop the standard tables for “ideal” (MLIC 1942) [9, 10] and then “desirable” weight (MLIC 1959) [11, 12] and finally just “height to weight” tables (MLIC 1983) [13, 14].Those standard tables became the platform for development of current definition for underweight, normal, overweight, and obese individuals based on the body mass index (BMI) cut-offs [15, 16].One of the ways to assess overweight and obesity is to compare the individual’s weight versus the reference value defined as the average population weight; and another way is to compare it with the weight standards that derived from the relationship between body weight and mortality or morbidity outcomes.

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