Research Paper Scholarships

the Faculty Committee on Undergraduate Scholarships and Honors, department faculty, program affiliates, or judges selected by sponsoring donors.The scholarship selection committee is chosen based on criteria set forth by sponsoring donors associated with each individual scholarship.For more information about Undergraduate Research Scholarships (URS), contact Sophia Tsai, [email protected] (858) facilitating students' participation in research opportunities both at the UC San Diego campus and at research facilities on the San Diego Mesa (located north of UC San Diego).

Students also cannot be part of a BS/MS or BA/MA program during the award period.

This award is considered a budget add-on to cover project-related costs.

A final report and faculty appraisal must be submitted at the conclusion of the project (see below for details).

Students should have a project where their role is defined and that they can take ownership of, even if it is part of a larger project.

The subject matter does not have to be related to the student's major, minor, or other coursework, although preference may be given to those that do have a major related to specific scholarship goals, depending on the scholarship(s) the student is applying to.

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