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The editor of a literary journal, for instance, or the instructor of a literature course will want a paper exploring some aspect of literature, usually the literature of a particular period, genre, style or author, and the same kind of focus will also be required in other research areas.

The length and scope of the paper as well as the time available to complete the research and writing should certainly be considered when choosing a topic, and it is always wise to preview recently published sources on a topic to determine how the topic has been treated in scholarship and whether there is enough material to enable the new research.

Topics that are of concern to both specialists and more general readers tend to be particularly successful, so I have aimed for topics of this kind in the list below.

Areas of interest appear in alphabetical order, and helpful tips are offered amidst the example topics.

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Be sure to share your reasoning and support your viewpoint. Investigate and discuss the unique nature of the Trump presidency and its implications both within the United States and beyond. Does the regular attendance of citizens at formal religious services have an impact on crime in a region?Tip: For many research paper topics, including the one above, it is essential to recognise your own national and political perspective (Republican American, Liberal Canadian, etc.), to achieve some level of objectivity and to support your argument with research-based evidence. Examine the conditions and forces associated with the rise of Nazi Germany. The focus of this topic could be shifted to any major war, such as WWI, the Battle of Hastings or the American Civil War. This topic could be narrowed by choosing a specific type of crime or focussing on children, teenagers or families. Education rather than indoctrination is an ideal for the role of religion in schools. Tip: When discussing religion and beliefs, be sure to avoid unsubstantiated value judgements.Discussion of a war’s aftermath can be of interest as well. An enormous amount of money is spent on political advertising during election campaigns, which usually leaves neighbourhoods cluttered with flyers and posters. Should parties be responsible for cleaning up the litter after a campaign? Choose a significant political scandal or event that has recently occurred in your country or region and discuss how it began or occurred, how news of it was spread and how it affected individuals and society in the area. Are dreams meaningful or simply games of the sleeping mind? Instead, base your interpretations firmly on the evidence gleaned from sound research practices. Should parents be allowed to engineer designer babies?The examples of research paper topics listed in this post range across disciplines and fields of study to help a wide range of academics, scientists and students choose and develop topics with true research potential that will prove engaging not only for those authors, but also for their readers.A topic of particular personal interest & relevance to the researcher & his or her life tends to make the research and writing processes more exciting and enjoyable.Does it make readers wiser, more perceptive, more empathetic or perhaps better writers? If it really is happening, what are the primary causes? Tip: A great deal of propaganda is generated around certain issues of current concern, and environmental matters are certainly among them. Tip: As the first two topics here indicate, when writing a research paper about human health an author should usually dedicate part of the discussion to improving the lives of the people under investigation. Do the benefits of vaccinating children outweigh the risks? Investigate and discuss the importance of a major historical event, such as the first moon landing or the assassination of J. Kennedy, of some decisive battle or war, such as the Battle of Hastings or the American Civil War, or of some revolutionary document, such as Magna Carta or the Declaration of Independence. The extensive devotional library of a twelfth-century monastery, the single anthology of romances owned by a fifteenth-century merchant family or the esoteric book collection cherished by a renaissance scholar could be considered in terms of content and examined for reader responses.Views can be supported with both personal and research-based evidence. It is therefore imperative to look for the signs of authoritative scientific reporting as you conduct your research and to be both specific and precise in discussing subjects and events. Explore the relationship between nutrition and family health. Investigate local family farms and food producers in your area to determine how much of your diet could be acquired from these sources. Would an attempt to purchase as much of your food from local sources as possible result in changes to your diet? Consider different types of vaccinations, the frequency and nature of complications, and the risks to society. Should healthcare and medication be available free of charge to all people? The possibilities are endless as long as the books can be firmly connected with their historical readers. Has the internet affected the ways in which academic and scientific research is published and made available to readers?Consider specific examples as you discuss why this is the case and suggest how the problem might be realistically remedied. Many members of our team work predominantly on articles intended for publication in scholarly journals, ensuring that formatting and references conform to author guidelines with precision and correcting grammar, punctuation, spelling and simple typing errors so that our customers are able to report their research in the clear and accurate ways required to impress acquisitions editors and earn publication.Our editing services for authors of scientific papers and books are especially popular, but we have the experience and expertise to proofread and edit books in every scholarly discipline as well as beyond them, and some of our carefully trained proofreaders and editors work exclusively on helping students improve the formatting and language of their theses and dissertations.This topic could easily be narrowed to focus, for instance, on breastfeeding and baby health or perhaps the health and social benefits of a family sitting down together over a home-cooked meal. How have fast-food restaurants affected family nutrition and health? Consider factors such as open access, publisher paywalls, article retractions and scholarly blogs. Does frequent use of the internet enhance or undermine a child’s health, development, education and/or social skills? Are they higher or lower than the rates in other countries?Consider what children are doing online as well as what they might be doing were they not online. How big an issue is online security or cyber security as far as you are concerned? Are there effective ways to prevent or eliminate such problems? Can you detect a reason for any significant differences?

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