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Before a medical power of attorney can be used to guide medical decisions, a person's physician must certify that the person is unable to make their own medical decisions.If you become unable to make your own health care decisions, your proxy or agent can speak with your health care team and other caregivers on your behalf and make decisions according to the wishes or directions you gave earlier.Be sure to discuss your wishes in detail with that person.

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A POLST form has a set of specific medical orders that a seriously ill person can fill in and ask their health care provider to sign.

The person you name as a proxy or agent should be someone who knows you well and someone you trust to carry out your wishes.

Your proxy or agent should understand how you would make decisions if you were able, and should be comfortable asking questions and advocating to your health care team on your behalf.

A POLST form addresses your wishes in an emergency, such as whether to use CPR (cardiopulmonary resuscitation) in an emergency, or whether to go to a hospital in an emergency and be put on a breathing machine if necessary, or stay where you are and be made comfortable.

A POLST form has to be signed by a qualified member of your health care team, such as your doctor.

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