Research Papers On Employee Retention

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Abstract The research paper is intended to answer some of the most FAQs of the organizations about employee turnover and help them in lessening this threat which results in losing the loyal and hardworking workforce. -To what extent each of these factors is related to employee turnover?

If you're an employee heading into a meeting in which you know your manager's intention (which they've proved, month after month) is solely to empathize and learn, you're a lot more likely to bring up difficult things.

And the manager is going to be trained not to get defensive right away, but instead to take the time to understand where you're coming from."The worst thing you can do is to just say 'I have an open-door policy,' because that puts all the onus on the employees," says Mc Mullin.

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Addressing these issues demands a specialized approach in developing retention strategies, or the reality is the academic libraries may begin losing talented employees to non-library employers who can offer higher-paying jobs with better working conditions.

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The average employee retention rate is 90 percent--in other words, most companies are losing about 10 percent of their employees every year.

But College Wise​ enjoys a near-100 percent rate of retention year-over-year.

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