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Length: 4 weeks Cost: Sure, you’re a Facebook and Instagram expert—but how about that Twitter account you set up several years ago and haven’t touched since?Did you know you can use that social media platform for your job search and career advancement?It is the responsibility of the employer to ensure their Rehabilitation and Return to Work Coordinator is appropriately qualified and competent to carry out their role as per S.226 of the Act. We have trained over 5,000 RRTW Coordinators over the past 10 years.It is also the responsibility of the RRTWC that they understand the principles of managing injured workers with reference to the legislation and best practice injury management principles and is able to fulfil the Functions of a RRTWC as per Reg 114 of the Regulation. Our trainers all have Post Graduate Allied Health Qualifications and extensive experience managing workplace injuries.Save up to 80% with Multi-seat Licenses for qualifying e-courses. Product pricing and availability are subject to change without notice.To place an offline order, please call Client Services at 1-800-668-4284 or 905-570-8094.Workplace injury and illness prevention is the responsibility of everyone in the workplace.However, when an illness or injury occurs, it is important for the employer and the injured worker to focus on getting back to meaningful and productive work as soon as medically possible.

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The workforce is constantly changing, and if you’ve been out of the game it can feel like it’s moving too fast.

This course provides a practical overview of Return to Work strategies, solutions and program implementation.

Prior knowledge of workplace health and safety programs, policies and processes would be helpful.

This course will help slow things down by refreshing your memory on everything you need to know about job hunting.

Big topics include boosting your social media presence and basic networking tips.

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  2. Seminars cover a wide variety of essential topics, designed to equip students with the know-how, skills, experience and confidence necessary to achieve their personal best as well as to pave the way for success in higher education.