Review Of Related Literature On Global Warming

In this paper we outline our methods to conduct a scoping review of the published peer-reviewed literature on climate change and health between 19.

Methods and analysis A detailed search strategy will be used to search the Pub Med and Web of Science databases.

We will map the findings by categorising papers according to various indicators and to provide a thematic analysis of their content.

The 2014 IPCC report outlines the direct impact from extreme weather and indirect impacts through ecosystem-mediated effects and human system-mediated effects.8 Generating a greater understanding of these health impacts resulting from climate change could be a key step in inciting some of the changes necessary to decelerate global warming.There is a wide range of publications addressing various aspects of climate change and health.We have identified a number of systematic literature reviews which summarise the evidence of specific health impact related to climate change including nutrition, infectious diseases, etc.9–14 A scoping review by Hosking provides insights into how the published literature on climate change and health addresses the World Health Assembly (WHA) priority research areas for climate change and health as specified in 2008 and expanded on in 2009.15 This review is highly relevant in identifying the research relevant to the WHA priority areas; however, the results cover a brief 2-year of period 2008–2010.The quality of the literature will not be assessed, which is a limitation of scoping reviews.Systematic reviews which have more refined research questions and narrower study parameters, generally result in fewer, more homogeneous citations which can be more efficiently assessed for quality.Generating a greater understanding of the health impacts of climate change could be key step in inciting some of the changes necessary to decelerate global warming.A long-term and broad overview of the existing scientific literature in the field of climate change and health is currently missing in order to ensure that all priority areas are being adequately addressed.A frequently applied definition is that from Arksey and O'Malley,17 which states that the aim of a scoping review is to ‘map rapidly the key concepts underpinning a research area and the main sources and types of evidence available’.This scoping review framework developed by Arksey and O'Malley in 2005 will be applied for this study.Table 1 outlines the research questions to be addressed in undertaking this review.Scoping reviews are a relatively recent method of reviewing evidence-based research, particularly in health and also in other disciplines.16 There is no single definition of what a scoping review consists of.

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