Rhetorical Analysis Assignment Uc Personal Statements Prompt 1

Your purpose is to provide a way of understanding how the film persuades its audience.There are a number of ways to approach writing this essay, however I recommend that you watch the whole film and then choose a scene (or a few) that you feel captures the most important aspects of the film. I have a list provided below but you may choose something else if you want.Good examples involve public speeches by various authorities.

Finally, be sure to make some sort of judgment about the text’s effectiveness. The following basic questions may help you as you plan and draft your analysis.

As you plan and draft your analysis, think of a specific publication that your analysis could be featured in—but in any event, have in mind a particular way of reaching your audience as you write.

Directions: Find a documentary/film that you deem to be interesting and that features issues related to the economy, poverty, gender and income distribution, class, or any other issue that you believe relates to American or global economic issues and policies in an important way.

These questions are not meant to provide an outline for the paper; rather, they simply help you to think about the rhetorical aspects of the text.

It up to you to decide what to focus on in your paper and to arrange and organize your analysis so that readers can follow your argument.

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