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When cooking is reframed as an enjoyable activity, it can improve overall well-being."Taking the long route to putting food on the table may not be easy, but for almost all Americans it remains a choice, and if you can drive to Mc Donald's you can drive to Safeway." Framed in this way, readers can see that what Bittman is saying cannot be easily refuted.Bittman's argument is actually complex, considering the brief length of the piece.First, Bittman states that junk food is not cheaper than homemade food, as is frequently assumed.Referring to a diverse array of sources helps Bittman's case become stronger and reach a wider audience.Another rhetorical strategy that Bittman uses is the use of analogy, particularly analogies comparing junk food with smoking.

There are those who contend that fast food companies are indeed ethically responsible for the health problems that… Ultimately, Bittman's argument is successful because the author empowers readers to take action.One of the ways Bittman's article is successful is that it is logical and to the point, avoiding rambling or tangential arguments.Pages: 2 (743 words) | Type: Research Paper | Bibliography Sources: 2 Food, Inc. Documentary The conclusion of the documentary film Food, Inc. is that the large number of factory farms in the United States that produce… "The smart campaign is not to get Mc Donald's to serve better food but to get people to see cooking as a joy rather than a burden, or at least as part of a normal life." Likewise, Bittman uses numbers, facts, and figures to show first that fast food is more expensive than home cooked food and second, that all people can make the time to cook.The fast food industry wants people to continue believing that fast food is cheaper and more convenient, but in fact, fast food is not cheaper and is no less convenient than cooking.Third, Bittman encourages readers to link their personal food choices with broader social and political issues.By showing that food choices have an impact that goes beyond mere personal health and into the realm of the political, Bittman engenders a sense of personal responsibility.Bittman does not want readers to continue blaming politicians or big business for their problems.Instead, Bittman wants Americans to take personal responsibility for their food choices.

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