Robert Cormier We All Fall Down Essay

Without even thinking about it, I started doing everything I could to duck the brothers. I started looking around buildings to make sure the coast was clear.I stayed in the apartment a lot more, reading three, four books a week.Maybe his improbable survival was what gave me courage, or maybe it was all the Robert Cormier I was reading — his young heroes were always asking themselves, ‘‘Do I dare disturb the universe?

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I hated these brothers from the bottom of my heart, but even more than them, I hated myself for my cowardice.. Given all the other crap I was facing, my adolescence was never going to win any awards.I cried out for my brother, but he was in Beth Israel Hospital, saving no one.I remember one of the older ones saying, ‘‘Hit him in the As these things go, it wasn’t too bad. Eventually the bruises and the rage faded, but not the fear. An awful withering dread that coiled around my bowels — that followed me into my dreams.I said, ‘‘It happened in karate.’’My first real beat-down, and I was furious and ashamed, but above all else I was afraid. So I locked up the whole miserable affair deep inside.I thought that would help, but avoidance only seemed to give it more strength.Then the scene in my head jumps, and the next thing I know, the kid comes back with his two older brothers, and I’m getting my face punched in.The older brothers held me down and let the younger brother punch me all he wanted.One day he was sprawled on our front stoop in London Terrace holding court, and the next he was up in Newark, 40 pounds lighter and barely able to piss under his own power, looking as if he were one bad cold away from the grave. I tried to be agreeable, to make friends, but that didn’t work so hot; mostly I just slouched in my seat, hating my clothes and my glasses and my face. Made it sound as though I were having a great time at school — a ball. Not at school, as I would have expected, but on the other side of the neighborhood.At the hands and feet of these three brothers I dimly knew.Whatever it was, one day I found myself fleeing from a sighting of the brothers, and suddenly I was brought up short by an appalling vision: me running away forever. I forced myself to turn toward them, and it felt as if the whole world was turning with me.I couldn’t make myself walk toward them, I could barely even look at them, so I settled for standing still.

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