Rosewood Massacre Essay

Minnie Lee Langley, who was in the Carrier house siege, recalls that she stepped over many white bodies on the porch when she left the house.

Several eyewitnesses claim to have seen a mass grave filled with black people; one remembers a plow brought from Cedar Key that covered 26 bodies.

In 1993, the Florida Legislature commissioned a report on the incident.

As a result of the findings, Florida became the first U. state to compensate survivors and their descendants for damages incurred because of racial violence.

Although the rioting was widely reported around the United States at the time, few official records documented the event.

Survivors, their descendants, and the perpetrators remained silent about Rosewood for decades.

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Some families owned pianos, organs, and other symbols of middle-class prosperity.Most of the local economy drew on the timber industry; the name Rosewood refers to the reddish color of cut cedar wood.Two pencil mills were founded nearby in Cedar Key; local residents also worked in several turpentine mills and a sawmill three miles (4.8 km) away in Sumner, in addition to farming of citrus and cotton.The Rosewood massacre was a racially motivated massacre of black people and destruction of a black town that took place during the first week of January 1923 in rural Levy County, Florida.At least six black people and two white people were killed, though eyewitness accounts suggested a higher death toll of 27 to 150.No arrests were made for what happened in Rosewood.The town was abandoned by its former black and white residents; none ever moved back, and the town ceased to exist.Before the massacre, the town of Rosewood had been a quiet, primarily black, self-sufficient whistle stop on the Seaboard Air Line Railway.Trouble began when white men from several nearby towns lynched a black Rosewood resident because of unsupported accusations that a white woman in nearby Sumner had been beaten and possibly raped by a black drifter.The Goins family brought the turpentine industry to the area, and in the years preceding the attacks were the second largest landowners in Levy County.The population of Rosewood peaked in 1915 at 355 people. In 1920, the combined population of both towns was 638 (344 black and 294 white).

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