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You can have your students use their Venn diagrams, T-Charts, or other graphic organizers to write a compare and contrast essay on most any subject.You'll probably recognize Bloom's Taxonomy of thinking skills, which is a mainstay in the education field.This taxonomy shows the different levels of thinking, ranging from remembering information to creating new information.When their assignment is completed, they can use the rubric to assess their essay before you even read it.This can give them an opportunity to be reflective about their work and make adjustments if they're low in a particular area.They'll put their graphic organizer into the structure of an essay, developing topic sentences and supporting details.Use the following rubric for an essay in which your students are comparing and contrasting. I am more interested in linking to new URL location of the file than in replacing the file with a new file, as the intent of the original file link fits with the page as it was originally created. Make your own flashcards that can be shared with others.You can also use a T-chart or various other graphic organizers to help students catalogue their thoughts.For your topic of study, students should find qualities that are similar or different.

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