Rutgers Dissertation

General rules of thumb: It is the student’s responsibility to obtain permissions for uses that exceed fair use or for which fair use does not apply.

Most departments require that dissertations be submitted electronically to the Rutgers open access digital repository, RUetd, for preservation and public access, allowing embargoes as a matter of choice for the student author.

Pro Quest provides a useful guide that explains this process.

“Copyright and Your Dissertation or Thesis” outlines the kinds of materials for which Pro Quest might require you to obtain permission from a copyright holder, and provides a sample permission letter. Pro Quest also provides the manual Copyright and Your Dissertation or Thesis: Ownership, Fair Use, and Your Rights and Responsibilities, that contains helpful scenarios for the dissertation author.

For many years UMI served as a national archive of theses and dissertations, also expanding their scope to international theses and dissertations.

Pro Quest continues to serve as a trusted full-text archive of theses and dissertations and has been recognized as Offsite Digital Repository by the Library of Congress.

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