Sage Business Plan

Next is a situation analysis that begins with an examination of the industry and the market.

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The downside of hiring stylists is that much investment in training and clientele building is lost if stylists decide to leave and manage to take most of their steady clients with them, as they often do. Staffing and payroll figures are shown in Exhibit 3.Drawing on both his business experience and the business literature, he explains not only what entrepreneurs and executives should look at when pondering plans and strategies, but also what they should look for.The book's unique applied perspective, sets Business Planning '; Market Strategy apart from conventional “how” planning guides.If they wish, Lynn's patrons can go shopping and get their hair, nails, and eyelashes done in one trip.Station Park is surrounded by thriving middle-class neighborhoods that Lynn knows well.Lynn's Hair in Style, LLC, will be a nine-station family hair, nails, and eyelash salon in the brand new and already bustling Station Park Shopping Center in the heart of Farmington, Utah. The salon will be owned and managed by Lynnette “Lynn” Clark, a very experienced stylist, and her husband, Mark, a CPA.The salon will cater especially to women, but will delight everyone in the family—young or old, male or female. A more detailed overview of the business follows immediately.Stylists and estheticians keep their tips and can earn additional income from commissions on the products their clients buy from Lynn's.Receptionists, whose duties will include scheduling appointments and ringing up sales, will cost Lynn's an hour.A well-known adage proclaims that success in retailing depends on three factors: location, location, and location.By opening in the Station Park Shopping Center, Lynn's will provide customers with convenient access.

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