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Nothing out of the ordinary happened to me until the day I discovered my vocation.This was not some momentous event that changed my whole life.I want to keep exploring mine and help others discover the simple ways to be happy.I grew up in a small town in New Jersey, and there is not much I can say about my childhood. Then, I fought with my parents when I became a teenager, where I was moody and way too emotional. There have been some moments where I felt down, and some choices that I should not have made. People need to realize this in order to move on and progress with their lives.Today, I am an accomplished veterinarian, an active member of my community, and an overall happy individual.

Finally, after 28 years, a ship finds them, and the two men go back to England.

Once I decided what my future career should be, I drew up a plan on how to achieve this goal.

I believe that having a goal is essential for success, as one can hardly achieve something without understanding what needs to be done to bring you to the desired result.

His story is also based on the adventures of a real person named Alexander Selkirk.

In the body of the biographical narrative, there must be at least one paragraph for each of the two reasons.

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