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He fears that the new 25-minute SAT essay test that started in March -- and will be given for the second time on Saturday -- is actually teaching high school students terrible writing habits."It appeared to me that regardless of what a student wrote, the longer the essay, the higher the score," Dr. A man on the panel from the College Board disagreed. He was stunned by how complete the correlation was between length and score. He reviewed the 23 graded essays on the College Board Web site meant as a guide for students and the 16 writing "anchor" samples the College Board used to train graders to properly mark essays.In short, the most untrustworthy part of the new SAT writing section is the writing sample. Here's what you need to know: you'll be asked to read a text (typically a speech or editorial of some sort) and discuss how the author effectively builds an argument.As to facts not mattering, they said it was a necessary accommodation on such a short, high-pressure test."We know students don't write well when they're anxious," said Ed Hardin, a College Board test specialist.This is a far cry from all the hoopla when the new SAT was announced two years ago.College Board officials described it as a tool that could transform American education, forcing schools to better teach writing. In an interview, five top College Board officials strongly defended the writing test but sounded more muted about its usefulness.

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Currently, only 25 colleges and universities require the SAT essay.

An essay on the Civil War, given a perfect six, describes the nation being changed forever by the "firing of two shots at Fort Sumter in late 1862." (Actually, it was in early 1861, and, according to "Battle Cry of Freedom" by James M.

Mc Pherson, it was "33 hours of bombardment by 4,000 shot and shells.")Dr.

"The SAT essay should not be the primary way kids learn to write," said Wayne Camara, vice president for research. If that's all the writing your high school English department is teaching, you have a problem."They said that while there was a correlation between writing long and a high score, it was not as significant as Dr. Graders also reward good short essays, they said, but the College Board erred by failing to release such samples to the public.

"We will change that," said Chiara Coletti, a vice president.

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