Savagery And The Amerindian Essay

I cannot believe people even try acting that genocide did not take place. Classification People are divided into "us and them".

If it is not clear from the writings of the European invaders (which is what they were) about their attitudes, as a whole, and particularly with those that ended up with the practical power, towards the native tribal people of the Americas (and yes, it is obvious), then surely their actions and the results of those actions are all you need to know. Another in the long line of cultures wiped out by other cultures. But the culture that did this one is in time and structure very close to our own. 'Good and ill have not changed since yesteryear; nor are they one thing among Elves and Dwarves, and another among Men. Tolkien Time and again the Europeans invade Indian land, forced them out, wrote treaties they failed to stick to, and murdered them (with guns or infected blankets) when they could not have their way.

If the object is too take the land of an ethnic group; and, to do so, you must kill the ethnic group; is the killing of an ethnic group to take their property genocide?

If a government's goal is to remove an ethnic group from their land so another group of people can take the land, is that ethnic cleansing? Thanks, Blue Eagle It is fascinating to read how the New World’s demise following the intrusion by outsiders, is written off as a tragic but uncontrollable result of immigration.

' " Albert Speer, Hitler's minister of war production, writing from prison in 1953.

"Hitler's concept of concentration camps as well as the practicality of genocide owed much, so he claimed, to his studies of English and United States history.

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