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Mayterm currently features 16 courses that reached sufficient enrollments to be run, up slightly from the ten-year average of 15 and from the low mark of 11 in 2015. According to the latest CIRP survey (the Cooperative Institutional Research Program), over a quarter of the students in our entering class of fall 2016 anticipate completing an online course during college.

The CIRP also reveals that three quarters of our new students anticipate completing a graduate degree. That compares favorably to liberal arts colleges nationally.

The ability to apply mathematical techniques and understanding to large sets of data is becoming ever more important . NEW MINOR IN GLOBAL STUDIES In addition to Data Analytics, the faculty and the trustees have approved a new minor in Global Studies.

The minor brings together three different dimensions: an off-campus study semester, the new Global Studies Fellows Seminar (GSFS), and additional study in a foreign language.

She was personable and very accommodating." Marie Schoeff (Art).

From Lisa De Boer: "She gets high marks from students in helping them connect their faith to their work as artists.

This year's Global Fellows did some intriguing projects.

For instance, Jenna Haring wrote a paper—"Contemporary Visual Art and Islamic Feminism"—which explores the work of Shirin Neshat, an Iranian contemporary artist and filmmaker, and which will be published in a journal of global studies.

Truly impressive." Ed Song (Philosophy, Political Science).

A fair share (39%) envision earning a doctorate or a professional degree (e.g., M. Many of our students in the sciences who go on to advanced degrees spend a summer in the lab, working closely with faculty on research.

This summer we have twenty-two students from all six departments of the Natural and Behavioral Sciences Division doing research in the field and in our own labs.

I frequently see him talking animatedly to students during his office hours. He teaches courses for the Westmont Downtown program, he teaches the elective internship course, he works with pre-law students, and he helps faculty and students find out about scholarship, grant, and fellowship opportunities." QUICK GLANCES John Blondell (fall) and Alister Chapman (spring) have been elected to serve as vice chair of the Senate next year.

Also, a number of our majors decided to major in philosophy because of his influence . Thanks to Lisa De Boer for a good year of leadership in the role during the past two terms.

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