School Shootings Essay

Sometimes it can help.” I met him again after Orlando, after Vegas, after Parkland. My mom forwarded me an article about lead levels in gunshot victims, saying, “You ever get tested? Sure enough, I had significantly elevated levels of lead in my blood. Then we went to the hospital to extract the bullet.

He said, “Patrick, we don’t have enough votes,” and “Can I use your story? However, ten years later, I’m dealing with lead poisoning. My mother was hysterical, girlfriends were hysterical. That’s when I found out that I was not a man, I was just a boy.

On my sixth day in the hospital, a nurse came running into my room: “Mr. I’m not seeing the road, I’m just seeing this in Technicolor.

It shattered my tongue, it went through the bottom of my mouth, it lodged over in my neck. But the first high-school shooting that truly lodged itself in our consciousness was Columbine, in 1999, when two students wearing trench coats fatally shot 13 of their classmates. As the AP would note, those officers “had never trained for what they found: No hostages. Just killing.” Now students have so many drills that some Parkland victims thought, There have been more mass school-shooting deaths in the past 18 years than in all of the 20th century. I didn’t want to tell them, because then they’d ask me a lot of questions that I don’t want to answer. He was the only six-foot-tall seventh-grader at the school. A bullet went into the temple of the student I’d handed the word-search to. From what I hear, the bullet is still stuck around his jaw. The long list of casualties includes a classroom full of first-graders, an event that shocked the nation — but not enough. And partly because the problem can seem so intractable, even as polls show majority support for measures that could curb the violence. The shooting definitely will shape my life because of the possibility that I might not be able to lift my arm. There’s a brick wall — anywhere from seven to nine feet tall — and there is a gate that you could climb up, but there were people crowding it, so I just decided, And all in one motion, I got up and over the wall. You have a bullet hole in your neck.” And I couldn’t believe it because … Like the name of the person who did it, and “Did she actually want to do it? She never tried to talk to me after, and I wouldn’t want to talk to her. When I handed it to him, another student said, “It’s really quiet in here today,” and right at that instant an explosion went off. It’s weird to say that when you look at someone who’s passed, you just kind of know. : When I first saw him, he wasn’t even able to speak. I didn’t realize what had happened to him — I knew it was a school shooting, but I didn’t realize they were bullet injuries until we had seen the x-rays. He was covered in bloody clothes, and not all that blood was his, it was the blood of other children. Lisa: We have a very hard time talking about this [now]. There are things that I want to know, but can’t bring myself to ask him. I lost seven teeth and they were all over my mouth, and I didn’t know where the bullet was. I’m sentencing him to 100 years in jail.” The whole aggression thing. I didn’t want the students to see what was happening. He had failed my class, but then he had failed three other classes. It’s stunning to think that these shootings — these attacks on children — aren’t being talked about constantly. So it was really stressful: Do you remember when the man walked into your classroom? One of the first recorded American school shootings took place in 1840. They left me open for the first 24 hours for the swelling to go down and to figure out how they were going to save my life. In court, his mother asked for leniency, because her son didn’t have any positive male role models, didn’t have any sports activities; he didn’t feel welcomed in the church. My biggest concern that day was a test I’d studied for all night. 6 entered the side of my backpack and hit a notebook. I spit it out because I was worried I would choke on it. We divorced, but if it wasn’t for that shooting, we wouldn’t have been married … So I made the decision that instead I was going to purposefully watch what transpired. Every morning, me and my twin sister would attend a prayer circle. It was nothing that I would’ve said, “Oh, being shot would probably feel like this,” nothing like it at all. And that didn’t mean I couldn’t have what I wanted in life. They were watching a movie, and at the end of the class, I gave everybody their grades. They had to contact doctors in Texas to figure it out. I don’t want to make this stuff into a necklace, but I carried it around for a decade. The doctors said my chances of walking again were slim to zero. My friend Shelly had my head in her lap, and she was crying and saying, “Don’t fall asleep. Don’t give up.” I remember thinking, Later on, I woke again, and I had a Life Saver in my mouth. A couple years later, we got married, and we have two kids. So it’s been a horrible thing but a really neat trauma-­bonding thing as well. I was sitting in the cafeteria at the table I always sat at. I was in the orchestra, and some of them played Dungeons and Dragons, and Jen was in choir. The moment the second bullet hit me, I tried to crawl underneath the table, but there was a bar, so I couldn’t. The only thing that was taken away from me was walking.

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