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move to the United States from all over the world, for all kinds of reasons.They observe everything in their new country with fresh eyes, including basic features of American life that most of us never stop to consider.”Athletics succeeded in distracting not just students but entire communities.As athletic fields became the cultural centers of towns across America, educators became coaches and parents became boosters.They brought badminton rackets from home and pretended there was a net.

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Until then, most American boys had played sports in the haphazard way of boys the world over: ambling onto fields and into alleys for pickup games or challenging other loosely affiliated groups of students to a match.

At the time, the United States was starting to educate its children for more years than most other countries, even while admitting a surge of immigrants.

The ruling elite feared that all this schooling would make Anglo-Saxon boys soft and weak, in contrast to their brawny, newly immigrated peers. warned that cities were being overrun with “stiff-jointed, soft-muscled, paste-complexioned youth.”Sports, the thinking went, would both protect boys’ masculinity and distract them from vices like gambling and prostitution.

Cheating was rampant, and games looked more like brawls than organized contests. The trend started in elite private schools and then spread to the masses.

New York City inaugurated its Public Schools Athletic League in 1903, holding a track-and-field spectacular for 1,000 boys at Madison Square Garden the day after Christmas.

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