Science Fair Project Research Paper Examples

If you tested the flavor of gum, your first step would be preparing several pieces of gum, the second would be chewing one piece and timing it and the third step would be recording how long the flavor lasted. The project log is a detailed recording of exactly what you did while planning and executing your experiment.

You should start each day by writing in your project log. Next, write a brief description of what you were doing.

Be sure to include specific amounts so another individual can repeat your experiment.

You should also list any special equipment such as stopwatches, beakers, rulers or utensils used during the experiment.

(See Reference 1) Type your project title, your name, grade, teacher's name, and date. Ashley Seehorn has been writing professionally since 2009.

Press "Enter" twice between each item to leave a blank space. Her work has been featured on a variety of websites including: e How, Answerbag and Opposing Views Cultures.

Explain the basic reasoning behind the project, why you found the project compelling, and how you think the results of your experiment will be beneficial.

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Writing a procedure is necessary so you can perform each section of your experiment consistently.The conclusion is where you summarize everything you learned from the experiment and compare it to what you expected would happen.Start the conclusion by listing your hypothesis and what that hypothesis was based on.Understanding how each of these elements is incorporated into the larger project is critical if you want to ensure science fair success.The purpose statement helps readers understand what you planned to accomplish with your project.Try to sum up your experiment in four sentences or less.The hypothesis is your rough estimation of what you believe would happen in your experiment.The purpose of a science fair project report is to explain the research behind the project, as well as the processes used to complete the project itself.The project report clarifies important points that may not be clear from an oral or visual presentation of the processes involved.Use as much data as you can from your investigations and document your findings with charts or graphs whenever possible.The results section of your project should clearly explain to viewers what you learned during your experiments and how that lined up with your hypothesis.

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