Scott Ostrom Photo Essay

It's hard to argue with the results."The dude took a place that was hammered by the competition and now he's got two Pulitzers," says photographer Andrew Innerarity.We use cookies and other technologies to customize your experience, perform analytics and deliver personalized advertising on our sites, apps and newsletters and across the Internet based on your interests."But I don’t believe in ducking down."Even with these successes, Rasmussen says he still faces the challenge of making sure photography isn't treated like a second-class citizen by the rest of the paper."It's always a challenge to walk side-by-side with the rest of the newsroom," he says."Some newsrooms are harder and some are easier."Rasmussen says he's also not ready to rest on his laurels, but wants to keep pushing everyone to do better and better work."I want to continue seeing photographs that move me, that make me stop because they are so beautiful or capture such a powerful moment," he says.The problem was not that there wasn't any talent on staff, just that they weren't being pushed to their full potential – which happens to be Rasmussen's specialty."I put out a challenge to the staff to do the best work of their lives," he says. It’s pretty simple.""He needed someone to push him and challenge him," Rasmussen says.

"Defeated, Stocker was sent back to the drawing board until he had an edit Rasmussen was happy with.

There was even an informal rule that any time a , says that before Rasmussen was hired, the paper had suffered through a couple of editors who didn't support their staff and shirked their responsibilities as visual director."[The photo editors] were giving visual decisions to page designers and other people who didn't have anything to do with the photo department," he says.

In contrast, Rasmussen has both advocated for photography outside his department and also worked hard to change the culture within.

Some local organization should invite Craig back to share his photographic work with his hometown. Walker’s photograph: ‘After punching a hole in his apartment door four times, Scott stands in his living room. It’s an honor to die for my country, but I made it home.” ‘ Neat stuff from all over … York’s oldest markethouse’s FB page has an interesting drawing of the now-demolished City Market House on there. In need of a new home: Hanover Shoe Farms, that breeding ground for trotters in York County’s southwestern corner that fascinates people, is looking for people to provide homes for rescued horses.

“My PTSD comes from long exposure to combat trauma,” Scott said. Picking spot identified: The York Daily Record/Sunday News’ Lauren Boyer identified a site fit for picking, by the American Pickers, that is.

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