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All pupils in Year 7-11 will be required to have a school planner.

This is an important means of recording homework and providing pupils with information to support their learning.

Uniform reporting with everything accessible from one login provides a consistent approach to homework for everyone in school, making the setting, tracking, submitting and reporting of homework quick and simple.

Frustration regarding parents and homework stems from lack of information.

Pupils in all years groups will need to purchase a planner as do those joining during the school year.

The school also uses Show My Homework to record homework.

Our homework form prompts you to include all the necessary details students need to complete homework to the best of their ability.

Show My Homework (SMHW) is an online platform that provides each pupils with a personalised homework diary.

Parents can also view the diary to see progress and completion.

By giving parents a full view of the homework their child is set, all resources needed and deadlines, they can fully support their child’s learning at home whilst knowing homework set is worthwhile.

A strong home-school partnership is critical to whole-school success and a clear line of communication can foster this.

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