Self - Reliance Essay

They outfit you for a walk in the woods or an ordinary morning.”But Emerson’s essays don’t just help you exist in the world.They urge you to make things, listen to the whispers, for the sake of creativity itself.In 2014, I wanted to write a book of literary science fiction, called but shorter, futuristic, and based on my work on Google’s legal document review team. I wrote the book—despite my many doubts, and those of others—because I was heeding Emerson’s warning that I’d be scooped if I held off.As he writes, ”Else, tomorrow a stranger will say with masterly good sense precisely what we have thought and felt all the time, and we shall be forced to take with shame our own opinion from another.”Each person has reason to believe in their own ideas, he explains, because each of us is unique.However, as people grow older, they learn to look after themselves and be independent of others.

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But I also believe that—in the deepest sense—we must trust our instincts and have the courage to put our ideas out into the world.That is the obvious message that Emerson is trying to convey in his essay "Self-Reliance".It seems as though Emerson believes that we all need to be individuals and put ourselves before anyone else.According to Emerson, those who are truly self-reliant have the ability to mark their place in history as great and genuinely creative men.Emerson urges the reader to live by his instinct and listen to his intuition, "Trust thyself: every heart vibrates to that iron string." Don’t fear your original thoughts, trust them and live accordingly....According to Emerson's Self-Reliance, these qualities are essential to contentment and harmony with one's self.Self-reliance is an appeal to the individual to obey his instincts and to challenge tradition and conventional wisdom.- It is impossible to live a whole life without the help of others.Everyone starts out relying on their parents to feed them, take care of them, and teach them.Emerson gives us a very confusing argument that seems to run around in circles with no apparent end in sight....[tags: Emerson's Self Reliance Essays] - Trust yourself, your intuition, and your nature.

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