Separate But Equal Essays

The concept of separate but equal became the justification for social segregation in the Jim Crow South.

This was very problematic because the separate facilities were far from equal, but were considered to be equal through the eyes of the government.

Majority of the cases that would get to trial did not receive justice.In order for blacks to be successful in the South, they needed more economical opportunities.Blacks were relatively poor which ultimately made it extremely difficult to create their own success.The “colored” restrooms were extremely filthy and could be considered as outhouses, which was not the case for the white restrooms.White restrooms were very clean and located at front of a facility, as opposed to black ones which were located almost always in the rear or the alley.It went as far as blacks could not eat at 3 Elizabeth, Guffey, "Knowing Their Space: Signs of Jim Crow in the Segregated South," Design Issues 28, no. 4 Elizabeth, Guffey, "Knowing Their Space: Signs of Jim Crow in the Segregated South," Design Issues 28, no. circumstances mentioned, they were unable to do so.In 1896, Louisiana had more than 130, black registered voters, but by 1905 that dropped to 1,300.History is characterized by mankind’s intolerance for individuality.The Jim Crow South was a society of white supremacy; furthermore whites were declared as the “chosen people,” and blacks were deemed “servants.” Christian ministers and theologians spoke of this logic and justified it through the idea that God supported racial segregation.The term Jim Crow comes from a fictional character in Thomas Rice’s mistral show which was very popular in America in the 1800’s.The character was played by a white person with a blackened face and portrayed blacks as uneducated and poor, which was particularly racist.

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